About Me

Hey Boos! *Waves Wildly
The name is J. Marguerite, and I am just a random person who likes to write about random things! I started blogging years ago, but never got up the courage to start a "real blog", meaning my blogging was limited to Facebook and Myspace *echos*(does anyone still actually use myspace?) Anywho, I have so many different things jumbled up in the peanut-sized brain of mine, so why not share them with the world.

I am a very goofy person, and most often than not, a boring lame. I spend my days reading, on the computer, and doing other random b.s. that does not make my life more or less interesting.  You know, I did the school thing, graduated and all, and now...my life has been withered to writing blogs! LOL, J/K-ing...seriously! But anywho, I also am a graphic designer. I like to create things on my computer because I can't create them by hand. Idk, it's like my hands just don't want to draw write, but my fingers will on the mouse and keyboard...weird right? Well, I am your friendly weirdo, so, I guess it fits. Wanna see an example?

See, I'm not that bad, am I?
Anywho, you will see a lot of things on my blog, from music, to love, life, and well, other B.S.! But seriously, I am just trying to edutain you! (Educate and entertain, duh! Don't act like you have never seen "Drumline) (Wait, are movie titles underlined, in quotations, or italicized? Imma have to google that later!)

I want you guys to learn and have fun while reading my blog. Comment as well. I love feedback, let me know if you hate it or love it or just really don't give a damn! Also, hit me up on twitter, or facebook and check out some of the other blogs I have listed!

What you can expect from this blog:
EVERYTHING! I like to write about anything and everything, from my love of music, to my dating woes, and even my sister's dog! I just happen to love life, and I enjoy sharing it with the world!

All in all, this is all about fun!

Signing Out....