Monday, July 11, 2011

New Artist: Aaron Camper

He is sooo fine! (Just had to say that!)
So, as you all know, I am a huge fan of new artists, especially those who have outstanding talents. Well, in recent months, I've come across a young singer/songwriter named Aaron Camper. Thanks to my cuzzo Britt I haven't stopped listening to his mixtape!

I first came across Mr. Camper a few months ago when my cousin directed me to his website and free mixtape. Our musical tastes mirror each other, so she knew I would like it. The first listen of his mixtape, I was hooked. I would wake up playing it, and everyone would keep asking me who he is. At the time, I just knew he was a singer. I didn't know too much about his background, I hadn't done my research yet. I just knew that he had a really amazing voice and an album worthy mixtape. That was it. As you all know, I google any and everything. So, of course, I googled him. LOL

Mr. Aaron Camper is a singer/songwriter from Salisbury, MD. He got his start from singing, with none other than gospel great, Tye Tribbett. I actually learned this later on. (He is singing lead on one of my favorite Tye Tribbett songs "Chasing After You") I learned more from him from interacting with him on his twitter. He is a really nice, God-fearing, down to earth guy, who will have your TL going crazy with his retweets. He has been on tour with Chris Brown, and is now on tour with Jill Scott.

When I first listened, I fell in love with his VOICE then his music. (y'all know I'm backwards) I am a sucker for a great voice. He has kind of a high tenor voice, and it is very laid back. My favorite song from his mixtape is "Hold You Close." It is an amazing love ballad that you can just sit and vibe to. That's how his whole mixtape is, something to really chill and vibe to. He starts you out with uptempo tracks, and then begins to get slower, gradually, which makes for an amazing album. I am the type who likes to get real hype, and then mellow out. Kind of like how they do praise and worship in church. They sing the uptempo songs first to get you up and praising, and then they end with a slower tempo song to lead you into service. This is what his album does. It gets you hype with "Welcome To My World," and then mellows you out with closing with "Hold You Close"

I think Mr. Camper will make it very far in the music business, especially now, because people are beginning to appreciate "REAL" music. We are moving past the whole "beats" stage, and hitting home with that feel good music, which Mr. Camper gives you.  The crazy thing, is he has only given us a mixtape, so imagine what an album from him would be like. AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see what else he has to bring to the table. I've said this numerous times, I am so tired of the habitual sex music. I love artists who step outside the box, give a different sound and type of music. With this album worthy mixtape, I really get the "FEEL GOOD" music. With his remake of the classic "Water Runs Dry," yea...I bout fell out! At first I was like, I don't know Mr. Camper, but he SLAYED IT!!! He also has a few collaborations with Kanye West, Brandy, and Eric Roberson. This album has gone into my collection of favorite albums to listen to!

He was asked why he gave away a free album worthy mixtape. He replied :
"I did it becuz : • I believe in the music. • I want U 2 able 2 TRUST me w/ ur ears & hearts. • I want U 2 buy in2 a REAL music brand"

Take that for a REAL artist!!! That's why I love him, and I hope you love him too!

You can download his mixtape at (or click the photo)
You can follow him on twitter at
You can facebook him too at
You can find him on youtube at

I encourage you all to get out and support NEW TALENTED ARTISTS!

Here's a few of my fave songs:


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