Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Joy of Men: Musician's Interlude

As we all know, I am a lover of chocolate men! OOOH Chile, yes!! I've done a blog on Chocolate Men before, but I decided to revamp and do a Musicians Interlude. I am a huge lover of music, and some musical artists are just fine as all get out!!! So, check out my picks and tell me what you think! (You can click their names for their twitter pages!)

Aaron Camper

What can I say about this fine, young man? He he is uber sexy to me! With those kissable lips, and those funny colored eyes, ( I really don't know what color they are) he just does it for me! I would most certainly snatch him up! Not only can the brother sing, but he is also just an all around nice guy!

    Bei Maejor

This singer/rapper was introduced to me by my brother. He is an amazing talent, and I love his music. He is a real cutie. With his young looks, I am pretty sure he has plenty of female fans, young and old!


So, yea, I have a thing for this man!!! I am usually not into the skinny guys ( I like men with a lil meat, not Rick Ross big though...no offense to those his size!)
He is such a cutie with those nice lips and innocent eyes! Yes, I have a thing for lips and eyes! He's just such a cutie to me, and that smile! *swoons*


OMGeezy, what can I say about this fine specimen of a man, that won't make me look like a pervert? LOL! He epitomizes fine! From the top of his perfect, bald, head, to the bottom of his feet! With a sexy demeanor, accent, and look, this man can get it! (Did I just say that? LOL) He just has something about him that calls you. It's that look in his eyes, they always sparkle...yea...that's it!

The CraigLewis Band

Okay, so, I've written 3 blogs about these men, so you know I love them, but I think they are so cute!! Zuri,(pictured left) has this sexiness to him that I just love!!! Jeff (pictured right) is just...CHOCOLATE! (Y'all know I love me some chocolate!) These two are sure to have sooo many women swooning, and from the flirting I see them do..yea...they got it! LOL

Donell Jones

I've ALWAYS thought Donell was fine! There is just something about him...I think it's his nose (yea..that's weird, I know) He just has this demeanor I love, and every time I hear "I should have left my baby girl a message..." I swoon. That man right there...yea...mmm hmmm, yep!


Now, while I prefer the Maxwell with the big hair, you can not deny this man's sexiness. He left for 20 years, came back, and was STILL fine!!! Yes, that's how you do it brother!!! I mean, look at those eyes, and the sculptured jawline...yep...Maxwell...you are a bad habit..." I want...I want..."

Nokio (of Dru Hill)

Now, while he is looking a tad strange these days with that mohawk *sigh* you can't deny he was the finest one in Dru Hill. Some may disagree, but between those eyes and those sexy, sexy, lips..and him pouring wax on him in that one video..yep..Nokio was the ish!! Now, if he gets rid of that mohawk, we in there!!! I still love him though!

Mario Winans

Now, Mario isn't the conventional cutie, but he is to me!!! With that strong, sexy, jawline and that bald head, he does it for me! He wouldn't have to sing that "I don't wanna know" song, because I wouldn't ever play you Mario! I love me some he!!!(that sounded so gay, but whatever...I DO!!)

             PJ Morton

Yes, PJ!!! The son of a preacherman is FINE! He is a very, happily married fine, but shoot, mmm, mmm, mmm!! Ok, I am going to stop there, because...just because...I might say some things...LOL

Q Parker

This fine, sexy, chocolate man!! Ooh, I didn't appreciate him during the hayday of 112, but I sure do now! With a body like whoa, a voice like yes, and a sexy face like "GOOD GOSH!!" Yep, Q could get it! This talented man is just too sexy. Wonder if he is still married...

Raheem Devaughn

All I can say about this man is "Heemy Taught Me" He is so sexy with those big ol, african warrior lips and those eyes and those long eyelashes...yea...like I said...all I can say is "Heemy Taught Me..."


Tank, Tank, Tank...you might not can make her love you, but I already love you!!! LOL! This man is sexy. I remember when he came to my city for an event and sang "Maybe I Deserve" I fell in love!!! He is just too sexy! I mean, look at that body! At those strong, beautiful features...I can't get enough!


Ok, there is just something sooo intriguing and sexy about this loc'd specimen right here! From his half closed eyes, to that wide nose...I just don't know. I think it's humility that draws me to him. I really don't know. Anyone else have this problem?

So, this is my list. Did I leave anyone out? Who is a sexy musician to you?

Signing Out,

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