Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Joy of Chocolate Men...

I have a thing for men...plain and simple! I have flown back and forth between the light skinned to the dark skinned men. As a weird youngster, I was IN LOVE with Romeo from Immature. He was my boo until the 7th grade, that's when I went to a School for the Arts. Yea, now you guys see why I am so weird, but anywho, that's where I discovered my love for brown skinned men. Yes LAWD, they were everywhere! By the time I hit high school, that all changed and the dark skinned brotha was, was the lips and the eyes, and the bodies! Whoo! Yes, I was in heaven. As I have aged, I have learned to accept and love all men and their different skin tones. At the point I am now, I absolutely love a nice chocolate man! They have the strong african features that I love. The eyes, and the wide noses and full lips...ooh..I just almost went on another subject, but I am going to stay on them this time! So, I compiled a list of my favorite chocolate men, including a few honorable mentions! Enjoy!

1. David Banner
    OMG, this man, this man. Aint nothing like an educated man! Yes LAWD! *does a lil shout* This man completely changed my view on him when I started following him on Twitter. I thought he was just another rap star, who happened to have a little smartness to him. Little did I know, he was sooo much more than that, and I fell in love! Now, who else do you know looks that good in a suit? He is my number ONE!!! Like, when he has that chin hair, I just want him to like rub it across my face. And my sister and I have just decided his neck smells like shea butter. It has just has to... (Look out for my post entitled "So, I want to marry David Banner" Yea folks, it's that real! Does this mean I am a stalker? *strokes chin* Nah, I've never been to Mississippi...I might have to take a trip! )

2. Idris Elba
   Idris, Idris, do I love thee, let me count the ways! Like from his accent to that sexy swagger of his, it makes my heart melt every time I see him on that big screen! Yes, I just wanna jump through and kiss him, and just say "Talk to me, Baby" . He is that fine! Like, seriously!

3. Mechad Brooks
  I fell in love with him when he was in that one basketball movie...yall know the one that had "Hits from the Streets" in it...*crickets* Oh well, that's when I fell in love with him. But when he was on The Game, yes...those lips and those eyes. Too bad he doesn't like women of my race...that's just too bad. Which one of ya'll hurt him? Huh? Ya'll done did him like black men did we may never get them back!

5. Andre 3000, Benjamin Andre, Andre Benjamin, or whatever he decides to call himself this week...
   My fellow lover in weirdness. He epitomizes weird, and that is why I love him so! He is not afraid to be himself, and shows no mercy to those who thing otherwise! His eyes are what gets me...and that country accent. I just wanna like, bite him on his shoulder and hear him sing "I hope that you're the one..." If only for a little bit! My friends used to think I was crazy for being in love with him! I didn't care, I was in love. My dreams were crushed when I found out he had a was that bad!

6. Lance Gross
   Although his acting skills are very skeptical, and him and Eva breaking it off hurt my soul, this man is just SEXCI! Feel me?!? For some reason, when I think about him, I want my inner hoodrat "Keisha" to come out and just say some ratchet stuff to him. I wanna give him a crazy nickname like "Blue-Boo" or something like that just because! It was funny cuz my mama was like "He is ashy black" and not long after that, Lance bought him a few bottle of baby oil and he became a shining star! Yes!!! *Tiger Woods Fist Pump* But Lance aka "Blue-Boo" I love you...ashy or not! As long as that ash don't in there!!!!

7. Omar Epps
   Those eyes, those ears, that smile! OMG, I give Kima, Keisha, or Pam...whichever one it was that married him, props! Yes, that is one fine brother. Did yall see his body in Love and Basketball? I was like, "Omar, boo boo, is that you?" His swagger was like, "Look at me, now look at your man, now look at me, I'm on a horse" I said "OOOh, GET IT!" Now, even though Mar-boo dogged my girl Sanaa, I gave it a pass cause he's is so fine, and well, Sanaa will get another man...EASILY! Anywho, this brother right here is just...FOINE! (Feel me?!)

8. Rob Brown
  Another educated brother who looks AMAZING in a suit! Yes! He definitely gets a Tiger Woods Fist Pump. I fell in love with him while watching "Finding Forrester" (Dammit, I never googled whether or not movie titles are underline, italicized, or in quotes...aww man...don't think I am dumb guys...ok?) Anywho, this man is just...fine. His eyes, (notice I have a thing for eyes), his smile...aww, they just melt my hear. But I am always down for the brothers getting their education to have that second occupation! HOLLA *Frankie voice*

Honorable Mentions

"The proof is in the pudding Mel!"

Pooch Hall
  Not necessarily chocolate, but being "The Game" fan that I am...I had to include him!

Nate Parker
  It's that wide nose and those lips...OMG!

  So glad he dropped that trollop he had living with him. They did break up...right? I hope so...cause he had been crossed off the list for awhile because of her!

Reggie Bush
  Come on, how could I not include Reggie! I know he doesn't like women of my hue...but I love men of his!!!

So, as you all can see, I got love for the brothas! Some, on the verge of obsession, but that is ok. I have already accepted myself and the weird, David Banner crazed person I am. *This too shall pass* Please don't fear me boos, I just wanna love you! LOL!
What do you guys think?
What chocolate men are on your list?
Do you agree with my list?

Signing Out...

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