Tuesday, January 25, 2011

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (find out what it means to me!)

Lately, I have been saying over and over, I wish that I could make up the things that happen to me. Like seriously, some of the things people say and do, to me, they have to be made up. This is not real, it is all a nightmare. I wake up the next day and realize, no J., that really happened to you. It wasn't some elaborate though process that are in the back of ur miniscule brain, no you were wide awake! How can this be?

Seriously, like, I got propositioned TWICE yesterday! I sware fo Jesus I did! I was like, "Say what now?" Really, I do not give off the aura of being a hoe, at all. I am actually very conservative, and don't even talk like I am a hoe. The sad part is, these are people, that I have just met. They aren't people who have shared my lifespace, they aren't people who havve even been invited into my home! They don't even know me like that! So for someone to just come out and say, "What I gotta do, pay for it?" Like, fool, are u nuts? Are you so desperate for a quick fix, you have resorted to trying to pay for it? And no people, I was not standing on a corner, dressed like a hooker, and jamming to music like Biggie Shorty either!

I guess I shouldn't expect to meet respectable people at the devil's workshop "Wal-Mart". I like to be respected, and I demand it! I am very opinionated, so I ALWAYS speak my mind.. (Well, not always,but for the most part...i'm a thug)  I try to be nice and give these "men" the benefit of a doubt. I mean, you never know when you might the "ONE" so, I don't mind dating someone nice. But don't be a dick! Don't think it is okay to get my # and the next day ask me to send you a pic! Hell, don't send me any either! I do not, I repeat, do NOT want to see your "Thing" (In my Monica from Love and Basketball voice). I don't. And if I tell you I don't want to see it, and you send it anyway, don't expect a reply back! Then repeatedly text me "What happened?" Really dude? You really expected me to text you back. After you sent the pic, your number was no longer in my phone. I am sorry, like I said, demand respect!

If I tell you, "It's too early for us to be talking about this," don't keep talking about it! Obviously, I am not comfortable in the situation, and if I am not comfortable, I get irritable and start saying things that may hurt your feelings. (What?!? Who has ever met a NICE thug?) Like, I might really downgrade you to the point where you will be singing Beyonce's "To the left, to the left." I show no mercy and no sympathy. You should have listened. And after I cuss you out to high heaven, you will be hearing the dial tone. I never said I was a nice person, and if you had decided to get to know me, you would have known that!  And please, don't keep calling me. I do have a call blocker app on my phone, and you will be on the list!

If you actually get the chance to be invited to my home, it is not an invitation for sex! It was invite to kick it, maybe watch a movie. If it's going to be about sex, you will be asked to leave. But first, you will get a mouthful from me, and it won't be pretty. I am a cussing woman! I like to cuss, and you don't want me to cuss you out. Not only will I cuss you out, I will belittle you. (Probably  Why I'm still single...) I have no qualms about it, and I won't apologize!

Now, if you don't act up, and don't have to be kicked out, don't think that it is okay to feel me up as you hug me goodnight. Not only when I cuss you out, but I will probably become violent! Nah, it is there is no question, or probable, I will become violent. You're lucky I am allowing you to touch me at all .and then you just wanna get all crazy with it! Nono boo-boo, it's not going down like that!

But seriously, I respect others, and I like to get respect back. Unless I invite you, to do anything with me, don't assume it is going to happen, or try to force it. Why rush? (I'm not the one you sleep with, to freak with, you want a cheap chick, u betta go down to freaknik!) (Sorry, got on my Lil Kim ish for a moment.) Anywho, as I was saying, you have to give respect in order to gain respect. Maybe I should find me a nice virgin boy, then I won't have to go through this nonsense! Or maybe someone who is celibate, and working on their heart, body, and soul before they decide to go down that road with someone.

Either way, I epitomize RESPECT! I give it and want and deserve it in return, and if you don't agree...SCREW YOU TROLLOP!

Anywho, I am done. A message for the ladies, don't give up so much of yourself for a guy. Respect your mind, body and soul. If you can't respect you, he won't either. A message for the guys, don't be so quick to think all women want the same thing. You find one that demands respect, and you want to flee. Stay and man up...she might change ur mind!

Signing Out,
P.S. Yes, I really am that mean..and yes I really do like to cuss. So, try me TRICKS!!!

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