Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jamie Foxx and "The Worst Night to Listen to My CD (Which is Every Night)"

So, usually you are supposed to start off these blogs with a nice introductory about yourself and what you want to do, where you wanna go, and blah, blah, blah! Since I am your friendly weirdo, I start things off differently. Every now and then, ok, a lot I will fill you in on new and old music because I am a music fanatic. First up: Jamie Foxx's lastest foolishness "The Best Night of my Life"

*If you haven't listened to the album, which I don't suggest you do, this post is a buzz kill...but so is the album..so..hey...anywho..procede..*


The track listing is as follows:

1. This Will Be (Intro)
   At first listen, I thought hmm, this might be a good opener for the album even though he sounded HORRIBLE, little did I know, that horribleness was a prelude to the worst 55.2 minutes, wait minus the 4:30 for "Fall for your Type" that I will ever have.

2. Best Night of My Life ft. Wiz Khalifa
   This was actually not a bad song, but idk wtf (srry, I like speaking in text format) was going on with Jamie's voice. I think he may have over "auto-tuned" it. Idk...but after the second listen it got annoying and I haven't played it since. Plus, Wiz Khalifa kinda annoys me... and he looks weird with those dark lips and big eyes...eww...#kanyeshrug

Every time I see him...I think "Yeti, Yeti, Yeti"

3. Living Better Now ft. Rick Ross

  For the record, I despise Rick Ross' abominable snowman looking arse sooo much, so after listening to the song once, that was enough for me. The beat to the song isn't too bad, but umm...idk..Jamie needs to go back to ballads, and to the times when there was no auto-tune.

4. Winner ft. Justin Timberlake and T.I.
   First off, when was the last time JT put an album out? So what made him hot enough to be placed as a featured artist on an album which is supposed to be the best? Ugh, that was a turn off to begin with. The lyrics to this song were so #lame (I tend to use twitter # signs as well). Really, "Pass me the ball...I'm a winner" Ugh...PASS!

5. Freak ft. Rico Love
  First off, I had to google who the hell Rico Love was! I'm all for introducing new artists, that's how we met geniuses like Lupe Fiasco and others..(sorry, huge LUPE fan...be on the look out for my Lasers commentary) Ok, I am getting off track, so..yea...I JUST googled him and ok...he is...I guess a little well known in the musical world, so I won't say too much, but anywho, I have a little freak in me...u know..just a tad. LOL. But, when I am thinking like that, I think of songs like "Freak n Me" by Jamie Foxx not this hot mess sandwich! WTF? Then on top of that, they both sound HORRIBLE!

6. Hit it Like This
  I will admit, from the title alone I almost skipped the song. I am a classy lady, I don't want you to hit nothing like that! Geez, *grabs my lace hankey and wipes the sweat from between my breasts* Either way, with songs like this....he definitely MISSED!

7. Yep Dats Me
 First off, any song with Soulja Boy is gonna have an amazing beat but no Umph to it. Meaning, no substance, no lyrical content, no NOTHING! (excuse my improper grammar, but this foolishness is just...ugh) This songs meet all of the WRONG criteria in the worst ways! Soulja Boy, like...really...Soulja Boy...I am just...*walks away*

8. Fall for Your Type
  When I first heard this song, I changed my ringtone. It was that hot. It is the reason this album graced my iTunes and my listening ears. When I got the album, I listened to this song FIRST on REPEAT. I am like, this is an amazing prelude to an amazing album. Man, I just wish I had known....

9. Gorgeous
 So, I actually kind of like this song...it's not bad...it's not good...it's just something to listen to when u feel gorgeous...LOL

10. Let Me Get You On Your Toes
  Wow, just wow. My mouth was open and it wasn't for a good reason.

11. 15 Minutes
  PASS! I skipped over this song after the first 15 seconds!!

12. Sleeping Pill
   Now this...this song isn't bad at all! But it doesn't make the album better. Only thing that could make this album better was a whole new track list!

13. Rejoice
14. All Said and Done
15. Sex on the Beach
So, 13-15 I never listened to and probably never will. Like, I felt like I should have written a letter to Jamie!

Dear Jamie,
 Hey boo Hey!!! Now, I know you are still on a natural high from the first two albums, and that Oscar and all the other good stuff coming your way, but why give this foolishness to your fans? Huh? Like I feel sooo betrayed and I want to just come and drop kick you in the face!! Cause I kicks ni**as in the FACE!!! Anywho, I think you should really go back in studio and rethink the next one. What happened boo?? Was the ink from your tattoo leaking into that little brain of yours? Was your upcoming baby mama drama on your brain? I don't know, but listen here fella, do this again, and  oooh...u don't wanna know what's gonna happen!
 Peace and Love Boo,

Like, I just really am upset about and my heart was broken. I had to even take a few days and not listen to Fall for your Type cause I was sooo upset.

Other reviews from friends:

"That Jamie Foxx album sucks!"

"Man, it is just terrible"

"I wanna find Jamie Foxx and punch him, and politely ask for my money back"

See what I mean, I am not the only one! I even looked at the reviews on iTunes and those were even worse! I didn't write this to be funny, I am hoping Jamie actually sees this and realizes he "f-ed" up. ( I am trying to stop using profanity, bear with me guys) (Wait, did I use "bear" in the right context, or should it be "bare"? Imma have to google that later...dammit...I am getting off track again!)

Anywho, all in all, This album SUCKS! But, don't let me be the only critic...someone one..maybe someone who is deaf in one ear and can't hear well in the other will like it...maybe...I bet Jamie hopes so!!! LOL!

Signing out..

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