Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I want to marry Lavell William Crump!!

I have always had a thing for strong, intelligent, black men. I've been spoiled in my life because I grew up around those types of men, including my brothers. I have a host of uncles who have set this same example, so of course, the man that I want has to be all of those, plus more. I think I have finally found him, and so, I think I want to marry him!

Mr. Lavell Crump, aka, David Banner has stolen my heart people. I didn't think it would happen, but it has. I have found my perfect match! He came into my life in 2003, and captured my heart with his song and video "Cadillac on 22's"

When I first heard him speak about different issues, including the "Emmett Till" case, I felt my heart melt. This is an era where you don't find too many rap or hip-hop artists speak about anything but bitches and hoes, and drop it down low, so of course, for me...he stuck out! Fast forward to the "Play" video;

My people, my people the man rocked a suit like I had never seen one rocked before! This Sexy Chocolate man is just...YUMMY! Now, I have talked about his looks, in great detail, but not much about his intelligence. Well, here goes!

Fast forward to 2010, I had kind of lost contact with my infamous boo. I began to follow him on twitter. At first, I was like, okay, he is obsessed with titties! LOL, yes, titties. Other than his album "Death of a Popstar" that is pretty much all he tweeted about. Then I saw him on the Mo'Nique show, and right then and there, I was #DONE! You guys don't understand, this man was articulate, has a bachelor's degree, and is in school for his Masters. *Waves hands like I don't have nothing nice to say* He said something to the affect of "I want people to know me as Lavell Crump, not just as David Banner," well boo boo, here I am. I have googled you to death! Unlike a lot of artists who you tweet, and they might just retweet you, nah, he actually answers back, and I was in heaven. I wanted to send him a dm like
"Hello Lavell. My name is J. and I just want to get to know you better. " or some crazy ish like that, but I don't want to seem like a twitter crazed groupie..oh no no no..not the kid!

Anywho, I will always appreciate an intelligent chocolate man who is using his craft for good! I personally think it is no longer about the money, it is about edutaining our youth. Let them know it is more than just about being a rap star, or a musician. Strive to be more, like a doctor, dentist, engineer! So, my love for mr Lavell Crump lies deeper than just the surface, I love the man inside! Am I the only one?

Signing Out,

Disclaimer: Although I really do love Mr. Crump, me wanting to marry him is not true. I haven't even met him yet..and NO, I am NOT a groupie. K, thx, bye!


  1. Girlfriend, I am with you on this one! I too love me some Lavell Crump, aka David Banner! :) One of my friends is one of his homegirls from Jackson, MS...

  2. I have seen him in so many movies lately. He's doing it BIG!