Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius "Far Away" video (Stop Bullying)

I was doing my daily run on different sites, and on I was able to view Marsha Ambrosius new video "Far Away". The song itself is absolutely beautiful, but the video will probably raise more attention than the song itself.

Here is the video:
After watching the video, I felt tears come from my eyes. It was so real, and so in your face, you can't help but take notice. The message is powerful. You hear in the news all the time about teenagers committiing suicide, due to bullying. It can be from sexuality, to spirituality, to race. There are so many factors to why someone is bullying, yet you don't hear too much about helping those who are bullied or doing the bullying.

In the U.S. suicide is the 11th leading cause of death, among teenagers, it is the 3rd leading cause. ( It is so sad to see so many young people going through this, and you don't see that much about it! I have seen commercials with celebrities about teen bullying, but, is there an end to this? Can we just go into schools and just wreak havok on those we think are doing wrong?

In the video, it shows how a popular black male, comes out and how everyone looks at him different. In the end, he commits suicide. This happens so often, and it hurts. I have never had someone that I know personally commit suicide, but I do have homosexual friends, male and female. And it hurts to know that they are basically being ostracized from out communities because they are "different". What makes them different, other than their sexuality? I can't even process in my mind what they go through? I've talked to them numerous times about how hard it is, especially because they are African-American. I've seen it up close and personal, how they are looked at different, how they are picked on, and it hurts!

I guess this is my plea, to everyone to not look at anyone different because of their preference on ANYTHING! You don't know their lives, so why judge them. It is not up to you to judge ANYONE! Homosexuals are not outcasts, they are people just like anyone! They are not a different species, they are human beings, just like me and you!

I am going to leave with some words from Marsha:
"Every year, over 1 million people commit suicide. Some were bullied because of their sexuality. I lost a friend to suicide, and I am asking all of you to support alternative lifestyles..."

Let's support each other, no matter what or who we's all love.

Signing Out,

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