Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let the Weirdos Unite!!!

So, did you guys really think I was going to start a blog without introducing myself? I should come and kick you in the face! Why? Because I kicks ni**as in the FACE!!! That's why bumbaclot!!!

Wait, that wasn't a very nice intro, now was it? Okay, okay, let's start again.

Hi guys! *waves like Sandra Bullock in "All About Steve" with the same goofy grin*

Hey boo hey! My name is J. well, I guess you figured that out, and I am a goon!
Oh, did that scare you? Well good! That was my intent!

Ok, let me stop. *clears throat*

My name is J. and I am weird. Yep, that's right, I'm a weirdo and proud of it! I like to do random things and say random ish just because I think it's funny, but..no one else laughs.All I hear is *crickets* and then I get sad and bow my head and do my walk of shame...NOT! I am very goofy, but my jokes are lame. I like to sleep...and when I sleep, I snore, and when I sleep and snore, I slobber....yea...I got banned from my brother's nice comfy couch for that one! LOL. Anywho,  don'tlet me get off track, because I tend to do that A LOT! *umm, is a lot like that or like this alot...hmm...imma have to google that later*. Ok, back to me, I like to google pretty much everything. I don't like to think for myself and use all the knowledge in my head...why do that when I have all of these search engines on the net. Google, Yahoo, Bing, whatever...but Google is my favorite. I even googled why...wait...I am not gonna put that on there! Anyway, I come from a large family that I love dearly, even though they all think I am weird, but I take it in stride and take my weird ass on somewhere! I am short, need to lose weight, but why when I have all of this deliciousness to give!!!

Don't you want to take a big bite out of me? *crickets* Well screw you too...."I'm just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous" *In my BEST Jamie Foxx auto-tune voice* Ok, back to me...anywho, as you can all tell, I am very random and will be talking about one thing, start talking about something else, stay on that subject for a while and then go back to what I began talking about like I never stopped talking about it.

My purpose for starting a blog is, it is a stress reliever, boredom, and well...boredom, so hey, why not write a blog! LOL. Some may think I am crazy, some may think I am a loser with no life...Let me tell you something honey...I am all the above plus more! LOL. Nah, I am actually very intelligent and have some big plans for 2011 (doesn't EVERYBODY say that? Man, imma do this, this and that in the new year, knowing good and well everything they were doing wrong the year before is going to continue on to the next year. I am going to pray for yall...*waves hands like a sinner in church who doesn't know the words to the song,*)

Seriously, I am just a chick that has random thoughts about Life, Love and other B.S. and I wanted to share it with you guys.

You guys can hit me up on each of these sites:
 (This is private...but u can try! LOL)
I also have a lot of weird things coming up and going on so..keep in touch boos!!!

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