Thursday, January 20, 2011

So, am I really a boy?

So, for the past month, I have heard "J., ur a boy" so many times, I could choke someone. Now, I have always been a little tomboy-ish, but I had never been called a boy! LOL. My sister keeps saying it, and I am like...No I'm not! So, I've compiled a list of things I like to do...but does it make me a boy? ( I don't think so!)

1. I like to watch sports
     So, I got super excited when my mom upgraded our DirecTV and we got the NBA channel. I almost jumped for joy! I was like yes!! I've always been into basketball, for as far back as I can remember. In high school, I realized that I really like guys in basketball shorts. *giggles* I would go and watch the boys practice, not just for the dunks and crazy passes, but also for the joy of seeing sweaty men in basketball shorts! I was in HEAVEN! Those nice butts..aww man. *drools* Anywho, that isn't the only reason though. I like it for the excitement of the the game. To see my favorite, of course, the Boston Celtics, go HAM on any team, even if they are losing! To see KG go up and dunk, and then pound his chest hard as hell, is exciting. (One day y'all goin see me on the big screen pounding my chest right along with him!) Or to see the Heat not live up to their God-given talent! (Not a hater, just don't like Lebron. I never have. I think it was the whole Jesus comparison that turned me off) Or to even see Noah's cry baby arse go HAM after D. Rose drops a dime to him. It's the excitement of the game. And I really get into it! I even like college basketball (Go Duke!) and my younger brother has gotten me into watching football. (Can't want to see him when he starts playing indoor football. *is that what it's called?* ) I just like the excitement of the games. I even got into baseball by watching it with one of my old managers!

2. I like to play video games.
     So yea, I hang with my brothers, a lot. They are fun, and funny. And of course, they like to play video games. So, I would play the fighting games with them and it was a lot of fun. I have recently gotten into 2k11. Ok, I've fallen in love. I am determined to beat my brothers! LOL. I pretty bad, but I still get enjoyment out of it. I recently got into DJ Hero, with my brothers, of course. (Yea, my sister thinks these are boy-ish things! LOL) I get joy out of playing video games. I don't think it makes me a boy though!

3. I like to walk around in basketball shorts
      What? They are so comfy, and when I am chilling at home, I like to be comfortable, plain and simple. Pajama pants are too constricting. I like to move around and be free! So, it's either I walk around in my panty drawls, or I wear the shorts, pick one!

4. I don't like carrying purses
     There was a time in my life when I had to have a purse to match every outfit. Not anymore. I rarely carry a purse, and if I do, it is usally the size of a clutch. I like to do too much with my hands and arms, and purses just weigh you down. Most often than not, I will stick my phone in my back pocket or coat pocket, and just carry my wallet that has my id and bank cards, THAT'S IT! Everyone always asks "Where is ur purse?" and my sister always replies "She don't carry purses, she's a boy!" LOL. No, I just like to be free, and I can't be free with a heavy ass purse! (I guess that's why I really don't like wearing coats, or shoes huh?)

Those are just a few reason on why my sister thinks I am a boy. I mean, if I were a boy, I'd probably be a homo-thug! LOL. I like men entirely too much! And u know, since I am a true thug, even as a female...I think homo-thug fits for me! LOL. But, the thing is, I like to wear heels. I like to wear sexy clothing. I like to get my hair done! OMG, I just described Derek J and Lawrence from RHOA! But seriously, do I like to play rough and do things that are supposedly meant for "Boys Only?" Yes, I do. But I also love being a woman. I love getting my nails and feet done. I love rubbing on and flirting with guys. I love putting on make up! So, if I like doing all of those things, plus the things guys do, well, maybe I am a thugged out Derek J, for real! (well, without those tight ass clothes he be wearing. I wonder does he realize that his belly hangs out further than his titties do? I wonder does he realize that's not all! I mean, u got to emphasize one or the other...NOT BOTH) Antywho, LOL! I'm sorry guys, he just looks a mess honey! And Lawrence, oh lawd! When will someone tell him those contacts don't work with his skin tone. OMG! Come on boo boo! Ok, I am done, back to the subject at hand. LOL. Oh wait, I might be done. LOL

Ok, so the point of the matter is, I AM NOT A BOY, DAMON!!!! I just like a lot of the things boys do, because I think they are cool.
Are there any other females who have this same complex. I know I am not the only girl in the world who has these issues! LOL.

Signing Out,

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