Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reasons Why I Love You...Let Me Count The Ways....

Sitting here listening to Nivea's "25 Reasons", I began to think of the many things I love about men...let me count the ways!
Isn't black love BEAUTIFUL? *tear*

1. When you wake up in the morning, oh how I love the way you fart. I love the to sit up and sniff the air as you run to the bathroom to take your morning dump.

2. I love the way you cook for me and leave the kitchen a big mess, then I have to clean up the mess.

3. I love how you shave in the morning and leave the hair all over the sink. Sometimes, I pick them up one by one just to feel you.

4. I love how you sit in the living room and clip your toe nails, leaving the dirty, disgusting nails all over my freshly cleaned carpet. When I walk by and see those nails, my heart melts.

5. I love how you take a shower and just walk out of the bathroom dripping wet, leaving a water trail from the bathroom, to our room, to the kitchen.

6. I love how pick your nose and flick the boogers. I love how you try to save tissue.

7. I love how you come home from work and take off all of your clothes and leave them on the floor of the newly cleaned bedroom.

8. I love how you drink beer and leave the beer bottles everywhere. I just love seeing your mouth prints on the bottles, that way, as I pick them up, I can kiss them and imagine it's you.

9. I love how you are always ashy. It's okay boo, I love you just the way you are. *In my high ass Bruno Mars voice*

10. I love how you pretend to give me a massage, just because you want sex. It's okay, I didn't need to relax anyway.

11-25 Boo, you know I love you, from the top of your dirty head to the bottom of your crusty feet. Let's just get married right now!!!

Signing out...

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