Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Game (More of my thoughts...)

So, everyone knows that I am a fan of the tv show "The Game." When I heard that it was coming back, I was excited. Yea, I was on the fence about it because it was coming out on BET. BET hasn't had a good show in a while, and my skepticalness was running full speed. Well, I guess I should have listened to my inner self, because BET has screwed up a show that was once amazing!

With BET never having a tv show like this on their station, I guess we shouldn't have expected much. But, "The Game" was supposed to have a lot of the same writers and staff, so it should be like it used to be, right? WRONG! It is only on the third episode and I am already trying my hardest to stay tuned in. Everything that was once so likable about the show, is now gone. BET has changed our once beloved romantic comedy into a show full of stereotypes.

Tasha Mack has always been ghetto, that was well known on the show. But, on this new season, her ghetto-ness has taken on new heights. Like, why did they have her smoking a black and mild? Tasha has never been known to smoke anything, but all of a sudden she is? Then on top of that, she's scared of Kelly Pitts? When has she ever been scared of Kelly? Not only that, she is way too over that top. I used to love her character, but it is like they slapped her back in the heart of the ghetto.

Why on this latest episode were they basically glorifying Jazz's character? BET aired "Black Girls Rock," so why not have some of those girls at the Sun Beams meeting? All young girls don't strive to be some video model and then want to marry an athlete to take care of them the rest of their life. There are some disadvantaged teens who strive to be lawyers, doctors, politians. It really bothered me that they didn't have any of those girls there. I agreed with Melanie when she talked about the girls objectifying themselves. That was a good moment on the show. But, it was overshadowed by more drama, and more ignorance. It was to the point where on the funny parts, I didn't want to laugh, because I was disturbed.

Why do they have Malik's character so..out of character. Yes, Malik has always been an ass, but they are making him to the point no one wants him on the show. When he was singing "Karaoke" in the truck...I chuckled. Ok, I laughed hard. That song has gone into the vault with "Bed." They will never be the same.

This season of the game is just so off kilter. I was actually liking this last episode, until that meeting with the teenage girls. It turned me off. I felt like I was watching coonery at it's best. Come on, a buffet of sunflower seeds, cheese doodles, and now and laters, and water crest sandwiches? I know as a teen, I liked pizza. Where was that? If they felt like these girls were disadvantaged, why not have gift bags for them? It was just so sloppy and so stupid. The crazy part is, I will probably watch it next week, with millions of others, hoping that this show will get better. Hoping that the stereotypes will not continue. I am so tired of us being viewed as "ghetto," when there are so many upstanding black people in the world. I want us to, for once be viewed as the amazing race that we are. I am so tired of the stereotypes, people already view us as being ignorant, and unintelligent, because of what they see on tv. Yes, these things happen, on a daily basis, but it is not what happens with EVERYONE! And if it did, that doesn't mean we want everyone to view us that way. So hopefully, the show will get better, or the fans, even the true ones, won't request another season.

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  1. Guuuurl!!! Yes yes!! I'm a huge fan of the show as well and when I found out it was coming back on air I was too juiced.. Idk wth is up with BET and all these stereotypes.. As if the world doesn't already have an opinion about black people!! What happened to the "football" side of it?? They don't even show the other players or anything! Its like u said. They're encouraging black women to sleep their way to success! And wat the hell is up with Kelly's character?! I'm not a huge fan of divorce but it should be about moving on with your lives. And it seems to me like she's just bitter.. She's making it all about the money with her idiotic and childish show. All she's doing is showing all potentially divorced women what not to do when you sign those papers. Plus she looks like a slut bag with all that unnnecessary make up! And malik's character.. Girl.. I can go on and on...

  2. Yea, I can't say that the show is terrible, but it is definitely not the same. They don't show locker room scenes at all! You are right, the football side of it is completely gone, which was a major part of the show. BET is basically making it a "black" show with all the stereotypes instead of keeping it the way it was. IDK what is up with Kelly's character! They changed her COMPLETELY! She doesn't even seem like the same person! I guess I am gonna have to get the dvds of the old shows, because this season is KILLING me!