Sunday, January 16, 2011

So, you thought he/she was gonna stay? You's a fool shawty!

So, in my short life, I have learned so many things about men. I have also learned that a lot of men and women think alike. Yes, you have the old adage that women are emotional and men are physical. But, things have definitely changed, it's 2011 for pete's sake! Women are no longer sitting back waiting on their prince charming, they are out there looking for him, spitting game to him, loving and leaving them, shacking up with no commitment, just like males have been known to do for so long. So, you find yourself with a new boo (male or female), which is cool, maybe even think it may go further than the "boo-thang" stage, so you ignore the signs and that rumble in your stomach telling you something is off. Well, if you think he/she is going to's a fool shawty!

There are so many signs to how you can tell if this person is going to stay in your life or not. Do not simply ignore them...take heed! Don't get me wrong, your sig other may fall into these categories and you guys get married, but most often than not...YOU WON'T!
So, I bet you're asking, how am I qualified to speak on relationships? Well, I am not. I don't have a degree or anything, but I have been through the ups and downs of them, so I can speak on my experiences!

1. You slept with him/her on the first night, or on the first date.
      This has always been a big NO NO! Now a days, women aren't keeping a man around if he sleeps with her too fast. It makes it seem too easy. Everyone wants something they can't have. If they have to work for it, all the better. That means they have something to strive for, and also allows you guys to get to know each other without it leading to sex. How can you get to know someone on the first date, when you know all of your thoughts are on sex? Then you expect them to be in a relationsip with you? You's a fool shawty!

2. They only call you after a certain time. Mainly when the sun is down, and most people are asleep.
         Like, really dude? You really think they like you if they call that late? What's so wrong with calling at a decent hour? And if you allow it, you's a fool shawty! How dare you let someone disrespect you like that? "Oh, he/she works late, so they call me when they can..." Ummm, nuh! They can call you before they go to work, on break, or even while they are on the clock. That should prove to you that they want more than one thing from you. Calling late at night, like when you are sleep, that's just rude! Your'e trying to get your beauty rest, but is interrupted by a phone call, that means absolutely nothing! Or your dumb arse is staying up late to wait on their phone call, losing sleep. How dumb as that? You gotta have some respect for yourself. That is not a relationship, it's not even really a friendship. It's a booty call. And trust, if you say no, they are going to call someone else! You's a fool shawty!

3. All of your conversations consist of sex...
       You don't talk about you, you don't talk about them, you don't talk about the weather. All you talk about is sex. There are no conversations about life, family, relationships. You should just know that this isn't going anywhere but the bedroom. If what you are looking for is a relationship, don't be stupid! Always having sex doesn't lead to a relationship. Don't think it's going anywhere! Do yall even go out? You's a fool shawty!

4. You guys don't go out together...
       Are they embarrassed of you? Maybe your breath stinks, your hair isn't cut, you aren't dressed right. It could be anything, right? Most often than not, NO! LOL. If someone is interested in you, they will take you, you guys will do things together. You won't be limited to phone calls, bathroom stalls, and bedrooms. If they take you to a club, don't get excited. You can't have a conversation with them, they probably will start dancing with other people, and setting up dates with others as well. If you really want that "forever" type thing, you have to be mindful of where you stand. You can't go around thinking that you don't go out because he/she wants you all to themself. No, they just want sex. Plain and simple. If you expect more than that, you's a fool shawty!

There are lot of other ways you can tell if it is going anywhere or not. Just have some respect about yourself. Don't let anyone disrespect or mistreat you. Have some confidence about yourself. Be your own person. If you want to be in a relationship, don't settle for anything less. Go for it! Demand it, if you have to.  Don't be a fool shawty!!!

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P.S. Here is a little something I wrote awhile ago entitled "Everyone isn't here to stay"

Today, I have learned a really valuable lesson. It's something that I know in the back of my mind, but often times, I refuse to accept. I have learned that everyone that comes into your life is not meant to stay. There are that certain few who will be in your life for a very long time. But others, they are meant to teach you something, or make you see something that you hadn't noticed before. I have actually fallen for people who were only meant to be in my life for a day, a week, a month, but not long at all. It is hard because, what they teach, is something that you have been searching for. You want them to stay around, teach you more, but it won't happen. I've had so many people, come and go in my life. Recently, I realized that someone came back into my life to teach me a very valuable lesson. He came to teach me that my guard was not as strong as I thought it was. It wasn't funny then, but it is now. It's funny now, because I realize it, and I feel stupid. I thought that nothing could really break my guard down, I realized that I am not as strong as I claim to be. I am glad that I learned that because it can only make me stronger. I am learning from my mistakes, and I love it. I love it because I am constantly learning, and if I am learning I am constantly growing. So I thank all the people who have come and gone. Even though at times, it hurts, real bad. I can only thank you because I am a strong woman, and you are just helping me grow into an even more beautiful, strong, woman. Today, I refuse to be mad, and hurt, over people who are not meant to stay. I need to figure out what I am being taught. So thank you, once more, I love you for everything you have taught me. I appreciate it.

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