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Real Housewives of Atlanta: January 23, 2011

So, let me be honest here, I am a reality tv junkie. To the point where, I have recently began to watch "Jersey Shore." WOWZERS!! But, The ladies of RHOA have taken over my Sunday nights. Hell, they have taken over my life for the past 3 years! I absolutely LOVE this show, because...basically...they are all CRAZY! I like the drama, the laughs, the Girl-Boy Girlfriends, EVERYTHING! Tonights episode left me with so many questions...

Kim was scared...get her NeNe!

So, Kim and NeNe got into a usual. NeNe was wrong for bringing up Kim in her interview with Jermaine Dupri, but I think she was right by calling Sweetie a slave. Kim talks to her crazy as hell, and Sweetie is just as dumb as all get out! (Where in the hell did she get "Sweetie" from anyway? Is that her real name?) And they would have gotten on my nerves! Anywho, this debacle carried on all the way to sunny Miami! I just gotta say, these tricks are petty as hell! But, if I were NeNe, I'd have slapped the donkey mess out of Kim, just because she is all bark and no bite! She would have wished I would have choked her ass out! (Sorry, Kim is a nutty ungrateful trollop who I truly believe has "f-ed" her way to the top. Has she even ever been married? WTF?!?) Anywho,  these two are a mess and will probably be friends this time next year.


Phaedra is a character all her own. Sometimes, it is really hard for me to understand how she became such an accomplished lawyer. Like, she seems really dumb! LOL! She's says some of the craziest things I have EVER heard in my life! But her crowning moment tonight, was that side ponytail that she LOVES to rock...but at a bachelorette party? Like really Phaedra? How old are u? And it had little pretty bows on it...I was like, what era is she in? No one rocks the side ponytail like you do boo! LOL! I was like, wtf? I laughed for a good five minutes about that ponytail. (I tried so hard to find a pic from tonights episode! No such luck, but when I's on!!!) Anywho, and why, just why were her breast pumps just sitting on the table during dinner? I am just so done with u Phaedra! Go to your room with all of that! (Quote of the day: " People might not know when you're hungry, but they know when you are HOMELESS")

Look at his titties! LOL

Ms. Lawrence came through and gave me my laugh of the NIGHT! Those impersonations were just...LOL. The one he did of Candy was PRICELESS! Now, don't get mee wrong...I love me some Lawrence, but when well someone tell him/her to get rid of those contacts that just don't work for him! Like, I thought Sheree was his boo? I hope she don't think those things are fierce. And someone please tell him that pink lip gloss, with his skin color is a NO-NO! I am ALL for being different, and stepping outside the box, but some things...need to be left ALONE!

I think her hair is FAB! I wanna do
mine like that!

Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia! What can I say? Well, the guys crowning moment was Ms. Bailey in a bathing suit. I mean, who knew? I surely didn't! I got jealous, and I wanted to know where I could get a donk like that! Like for real, that made me want to do a Nicki Minaj and go and get some butt shots! There was even a trending topic on Twitter "Damn Cynthia." Dig That!! I just want to say. that ALL of the other "housewives" were hating! I think she looked simply FIERCE! "A pretzel dipped in cottage cheese..." "A size 12" Like seriously, I think she looked FABULOUS! They were both WRONG! She is defintely not a size 12! Anywho, Cynthia and those wedding woes. First off, I want to know who told the other "housewives" to put their 2 cents in on her relationship and what she should do? Sheree is a gold-digging trollop still bitter about her divorce, Kandi is just another Atlanta baby mama, Kim, I guess the ring really didn't mean a thing since ur still NOT married, and probably wont be anytime soon! I just felt like  they were the wrong people to say ANYTHING! But, I do hope Cynthia realizes what she has and does the right thing.

I thought this was HILARIOUS! *tee-hee*
Anywho, this season of Housewives has been crazy and I LOVE IT! NeNe is and will always be my favorite, but Cynthia is working her way up there too! I need these crazy ass women to get it together!!!

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