Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why am I still single?

A few years ago, I was on Youtube, (which I am on, like...everyday...#dontjudgeme), and I came across a video of Kim Fields reciting poetry. At first, I was like...umm...Regine? Really? But, being the curious, weird person that I am, I went ahead and watched. Needless to say, the video ended up on my Myspace page (Yea, like really, #dontjudgeme), I loved it that much. For some reason today, I thought about that video, I hadn't thought about it in so long, but i rememberd that, I am single, and I was wondering why.

Here's the video: (it starts at 2:15 if you guys don't wanna watch the b.s. in the beginning)

So, I am sitting here of a few reasons on why I may be single, but I still don't get why!

1. I am very opinionated
       I am a female that speaks my mind. I have come across so many men who had a problem with this. Why? I really don't know...well, it could be that I have an opinion about EVERYTHING! What? I can't help it. I feel like I am ALWAYS right! Like...ALWAYS, and there is no way that you could win an arguement. In my defense...well...there is no defense, but a man and tell me to SHUT THE HELL UP! Hey, I might just act right! LOL. (but it's cool, I got mind control over you, you tell me to shut up, I'll be quiet, but when you walk away, I'll start talking again. Now run and tell that HOMEBOY!!!)

2. I have short hair
      Now, I know there are plenty of men out there that don't have a preference on hair. As long as the upkeep is regular, there is no problem. They just like women who look good! Now, why can't I get one of those men? Huh, like seriously! You knew I had short hair when you approached me, why is it a problem now boo? Oh, you thought it was going to miraculously grow within the month I've known you? Boo bye..get the "f" out of here!!! (Yea, and then I told him off....he might have stayed if I hadn't have done that!) Anywho, so yea I have short hair, BY CHOICE! I hated feeling like I was falling into the mold of the "Typical Beautiful Woman". I wanted to define myself by what I think is beautiful. I love it. (Then, I realize they are snoring, because the speech I just gave means nothing to them! Ugh)

3. I am not skinny
     I haven't been considered "skinny" since the 12th grade. I graduated almost 8 years ago! Dig that! I was once told that I will never be happy as long as I am "fat". Well, I don't see myself as being fat, I am just DELICIOUS honey! Yes, of course I had problems in the beginning about gaining weight, but now, after realizing I am beautiful inside and out, I could care less what you think! Ok, it matters a little, because it gets hard with having a boo thang at times. But, of course a lot of the men don't like that I have a little more "deliciousness" than others!

Well, that's about all I can think of what's wrong with me! LOL! Seriously, I have come across a plethora of the male species in my short life, and some were amazing! I have been single for almost 7 years. The first 3, I was going through the ringer and I need that time to get through it. The last 3, I was working and going to school and not really caring about a relationship, at all! Now, I am a little settled down, and I think I might be ready to let someone call me their girlfriend. LOL. Hell, I'm 25, I think I might be actually ready!

Seriously, if you find yourself wandering around, trying to figure out why you are single, make a list. List all of the physical things, and then all of the mental things (My mental list is entirely too long to type) and go from there. The problem could be you. Your outlook on life, love, and well, other b.s.! Just don't beat yourself up about anything. There is someone out there for EVERYONE, you just have to learn to step outside of your comfort zone. Do something crazy!

A few things to try:

Speed Dating-It may be fun. Put yourself out there!
Online Dating-This is something to be very careful about, but at least you are trying!
Date Yourself-There is nothing wrong with going out by yourself. You never know who you might meet!

Don't get me wrong, I am not an expert on dating, I am just a weirdo that likes to google random shit..just because! So why not google things about love, life, and other things! Plus, I've have tried many things, and some things work, and some don't. You just have to be open minded about things. There really is nothing wrong with being single, and there is nothing wrong with having a little boo thang to cuddle with in between relationships! LOL.

All in all, live life! You only get one, so why not live it up? Don't go too crazy and like go and do porn or something! That's taking it a little too far, and if you are my age or older, you just need to...*shakes head* Go out and live, be happy! (Can you guys tell this blog really wasn't about why I am single? LOL! I tend to do that a lot, just bear with me guys...please...ok! *BREAK*)

Well, that's all I have for right now!

Signing Out,

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