Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Craig Lewis Band

I am always for amazing new artists and music. I am a music fanatic with a very critical ear. That may come from going to a school for the arts and then constantly telling me to watch this, or watch that, when all I wanted to do was sing some Mariah Carey!  With the uprisal of 1 hit wonders, and all the dance craze movements like "Ricky Bobby," "The Dougie," and who can forget "The Soulja Boy," we tend to forget new artists who actually have talent. We tend to forget that there are artists out their who have honed their craft to be great, and love it, and not just try to make money off of one song, i.e. Kim Zolciac! In the mix, I found...well...they were already out, ok, I happened upon a musical group called "The CraigLewis Band," and well let's just say, they don't have an album, but I can't stop listening!

CraigLewis is a group from Atlanta compromised of Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis. I happened upon them while watching "Madea's Big Happy Family." They had an amazing harmony, but at the time, I didn't know that they were a group. I thought they were just two singers that Tyler Perry had happened upon. After seeing it, I ran into a friend who said  she saw them singing the "Brady Bunch" theme song on youtube. It took me another month to actually look, because I admit, I had forgotten. Anywho, once I youtubed them, watched their videos, liked them on facebook, and immediately began to follow them on Twitter. I became an instant fan, and constantly tweeted them about putting a rush on their album. Watching the videos wasn't enough. I need the music on my iPod, IMMEDIATELY!! CraigLewis has an amazing sound that works for both of their voices, and it is just an amazing sound altogether.

Zuri Craig, 24, has a soft raspy voice, that is almost identical to singer Lyfe Jennings. His has a little more soul to it though. His range is simply amazing. The runs he does, are so unheard of in music today. I have heard his voice go from Barry White low to an almost Mariah Carey high. The soulful blend makes for a powerful voice. When he sings, you just kind of close your eyes and listen, and he could just be singing the ABC's! If you saw "Madea's Big Happy Family" you will know what I am talking about. He just has that thing about his voice that makes you juslisen. Like, you know how rain calms you, and helps you sleep? That kind of voice, almost like a lullaby. It can be sweet and gentle, but also strong and powerful, and could probably cause you to cry. I absolutely LOVE his voice. I can't wait for the album...

Jeffrey Lewis, 25, has a high tenor voice, that is soo powerful, and I swear he has some of the strongest set of lungs! This singer, who looks so much like Junior from "My Wife and Kids," is simply amazing. He has that more churchy feel to his voice. You know the kind that when he starts singing, you just want to get up and wave your hands? That kind of voice. His voice takes you to a place, where you feel it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. You can't close your eyes, you are too busy trying to stop moving to think of anything. His voice is sweet, and very natural, and can be androgynous. He can hit a high, that makes you think, "is that a chick?" and a low that lets you know "This is all man baby," which is a gift. You don't find to many that can do both. They either sing high or low, is now the in-between that we have waited so long for.

With both of their vocal talents put together, you get a sound that is so new and so fresh, you kind of get upset that it has taken them this long! You get that r&b, gospel, funk, and so many other genres in one! I must say, I think this duo is not only going to rise, but they will stay there. They are creative, fresh, new, and so many other adjectives that I can't think of right now. With the power of prayer, and their deep rooted faith, this is a duo that is going to change music. (Take my word for it guys!) And I am sooo ready to expericence that. Don't get me wrong, I love the Trey Songz, and the Ushers, and the other "Men of R&B," but I have been wanting something new for a long time. I am tired of hearing about sex, which seems to be the norm among our male r&b breathren.  Now, Craig Lewis has arrived, and I honestly think the game won't be the same!

Here are a few of their videos for your listening pleasure:

"We Need to Talk"

"Burning Briges"


You can check out more of their videos and updates on:
Their Youtube Page: CraignDem
Their Facebook: The Craig Lewis Band
Their Twitter: @CraigLewisBand

Let's support new and upcoming music and artists, especially soul music that sound and feels good!!!

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  1. Guuuuurl u hit the nail right on the head! I am head over heels for these guys!!! I discovered them the same exact way you did! They are truely two gifted and extremely talented young men. I tweet them too demanding that they put a rush on their mixtape or album. My two year old is their honorary member! Lol he watches their Madea dvd everyeveryday and fast forwards the entire movie until they sing and he sings every word! I can't wait to see what God has in store for these gents because they are going to take the world by storm one note at a time! I would love to meet these two one day n get a few pictures and autographs to add to my collection! Love your blogs btw!

  2. Thank u so much. Yes, they are very talented, and I told them that they deserve the attention. I am honestly thinking of starting a fan club. Thank you for commenting and reading my other blogs! It is much appreciated. God Bless You!!!