Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game (My Thoughts)

So, my favorite tv show "The Game' premiered tonight, and what a ride they took us on! At first thought, there was a lot going on in the show, but of course at the end...everything EXPLODED! I am going to have to do a rundown on each character!

Kelly Pitts
   First off, I hate her new hair! It makes her look extremely old! In this new season, she is just not the Kelly Pitts I once knew. Long gone is the "Kelly Wear" the infamous shorts and Ugg boots, or maybe they were knockoffs! Anywho, I don't know if I like this new attitude she has, especially toward Tasha. Okay Kelly, you got one off when you knocked her ass out, but ummm...Ms. "Say What Now" will come for your ass, and she probably fights dirty, so you better watch out!

Jason Pitts
   U are such a freaking asshole!!! Now, you have always been that way, but you are taking things a little too far! How dare you interfere Kelly's reality show like that! LOL! I am actually holding out to see what Jason has in store for us the rest of the season! I am pretty sure his asshole-ish ways will continue and run crazy. I am still waiting for him and Tasha to at least sleep together!

Malik Wright
  Mr. "40 Million Dolla, holla" himself...oh how I wanted to come through the tv and kick you in the face and make your hairline straight!! How dare you? First, you pissed because Derwin took your place? So you smash the boss' wife? You just waiting to get fired, and then where will your 40 million be? And then, poor little TT, OMG, how dare you treat him that way, and then smash his "Life Partner"! Wow, just wow!

Derwin Davis
   Umm, excuse me...did you get finer over night? Oh, sorry, that's not what we are on right now...my bad guys! Anywho, I must say, you have grown a lot! From thriving in your career, and taking care of that child, with not much baby mama drama, Derwin, you are officially "The Man!" And the way you cried about your son...omg...I felt that and I wanted to hug you boo boo...I really did. Man, there is nothing like a man loving his child....NOTHING!

Tasha Mack
   Ms. "Say What Now," first off, what happened to Rick Fox? I liked yall together, but now you are smashing..Terence J? The "D" has to be good, cuz otherwise, I am just falling down on my knees screaming "WHY", and scrunching my shoulders singing "Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn." Wow, Tasha, I mean I knew you had it in you boo...but...wow. I thought you would at least be smashing somebody like Lebron, or some super star athlete with plenty of cheese. Then on top of that, Terence character, to be honest, what does he do? Oh, since yall on BET, yall had to get a BET host on the show? I think I might protest him on the show...his body wasn't even all that...I saw more rib cage than muscles. We can do better boo, we definitely can!

Melanie Barnett-Davis
 Girl Melanie, what the fuck?!? Like, after two years, you still haven't gotten over those baby mama woes? Then on top of that, you done gave the baby a DNA test? Done just swiped his mouth during bath time...that's why Derwin shouldn't have left your ass alone! Then, you don't tell him the baby really is his? Are you trying to get divorced? Like, do you want to stay with him? I mean..I can't understand your thought process in this situation! I will say, your clothing game has stepped up..no more of those fugly black and white leggings and those horrible...horrible black boots ( you know the ones that you had on when you confronted Janay? Yea...those) But boo, you are so dumb, you are really dumb! Ugh...be gone peasant..you have disgusted me!

Okay, that is my character analysis, but I really felt the show wasn't up to what I thought it would be! I mean, I still love every character, I am just hoping that the story line gets better.There was so much going on in the very first episode, it is like, what do they have left? Melanie and Derwin's story lines are awesome, so is Malik's. I am on the fence about Jason and Kelly. It feels like Brittany Daniel's acting isn't up to par AT ALL! What the freak was up with their daughter? What happened to the old Brittany? I liked her waaaaayyyy better, she was a mini Jason Pitts! Anywho, I am hoping the show gets better with time, because I was one of their biggest supporters! Am I the only one getting tired of Meagan Good being the hoe in EVERYTHING?!? Like seriously, the last serious role I saw her in was "Eve's Bayou" and she was still a lil hoe kissing her daddy and ish! I was hoping she would have a more suttle role...guess not! With time, I am pretty sure "The Game" will return the the show that we once loved!

Signing Out,

P.S. I am still a little perturbed about Terence J. being on the show...I just can't..OMG...Jesus be a fence!!

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