Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The CraigLewis Band Album Review

After everyone constantly asking "When does the album drop?" The CraigLewis Band has finally dropped their much anticipated album! This album is full of funk, r&b, soul, hip hop, and so much more on one album! I can't get enough of it. It is an album that has been much needed! Tired of listening to "sex music?" Tired of the same old tired music? Well guess what, CraigLewis has give us that and so much more!!
If you don't know who CraigLewis is, you can read about them here The Craig Lewis Band. Their self-entitled album was released today on iTunes and Amazon, much to the relief of their loyal fans. The feedback was phenomenal. This is an album EVERYONE has been waiting for! With amazing production from FreeAgentz ( @freeagentz80), and creative and amazing song writing from the talented duo, you get an album that speaks volumes!

Here is a little album teaser:

I don't want to give away too much, you have to get it to see just how amazing it is! With tracks like: "Somebody Gotta Go," Without You," "Tell Me," "My Heart," and "We Need To Talk" you get a range of different music that will suit every musical taste. They also give you a club hit titled "No Strings" (wonder what that song is about. LOL) But with lyrics like "If I put myself in your shoes, I'd probably hate me too.." how can you not feel it! This is feel good music for every age, race, whatever! This is an album that you will listen to all day long, and never get tired of it! Thank God for this duo who has bought some life back into the r&b genre.

We need to support new artists who actually have talent!
Much Love guys!!!

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