Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why everyone always "hating" on my "swag"?

So, @Bossip posted on Twitter today: "Do you guys feel like people throw the word "hater" around too much?" And I replied "Hater is going down with other words like "Swag"...ugh" and they asked the question " Is swag really gone?" I vote "Yes" on issue swag/hater! There are so many people who toss these words around on a daily basis and don't know the definition of them, and they don't describe them! Then they going around saying "You just hatin on my swag!" First off, who are this imaginary "haters," and what "swag?"

Urban dictionary defines "Swag" as "apperance ,style ,or the way he or she presents them selves." So many people toss this around as if it is just something that describes EVERYONE! No, booboo, it doesnt! To me, someone who has swag, epitomizes the word fully and completely. There are'nt just certain aspects about them that give them swag, No, it is EVERYTHING about them! for example David Banner epitomizes swag. His appearance is sharp and very manly, his style is innovative and creative and he presents himself as not only an artist, but as an intelligent man. A female example is Queen Latifah. She IS swag! Her appearance is always refined and completely her, her style has changed and shown a range like none other, and she presents herself as a QUEEN! *All hail the Queen* These are just a few examples, but if you aren't anything like them, don't say " I got swag," because clearly you don't. If you find yourself walking around, trying to keep up with the trends, and not doing your own thing, you do no, and I repeat, DO NOT have swag! You are basically biting others style. If you can't be yourself, make your own style like Solange Knowles, then you do not have swag! Swag isn't something that you can create, it is a gift, and gift that most who claim they have really and truly don't. Like Soulja Boy DOES NOT have swag! He is a man-child making money off of senseless music. *Sorry, he annoys me* Swag isn't something that is a given because you have money, talent, or whatever, swag is something that it is in you! Wearing two different shoes isn't innovative, fresh, creative, or anything else, it is very tacky and ugly. That does not give you swag because you decided "hey, this is something aint nobody every did! I'm finna be killin the game!" No you just look foolish!
So, if you are out there saying you have swagg, stop it! I am saying right now, the word is a dying breed! I am about to start an official campaign "Stop Swagging!" Be you, don't always put a label on what/who you are!

Urban dictionary defines hating: "When one puts down the success or fortune of others due to jealousy." Hater is defined as "A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person"
Listen people, everyone is NOT hating on you! Actually most could care less about you! So for you to go around and continously say "Man, the bi***es always hating on me," is just too much. Most often than not, the ones who are always saying "They just some haters, they always hating" don't even have anyone talking about them! What reason do I have to hate on someone that I am doing better than? What reason do I have to hate on someone who is in the same position as me? Oh, you just got a new tv with your income taxes? So what? Guess what I did with mine? Paid some bills! LOL! Now I am broke again. Oh, you're still in debt? I guess you better sell that tv, huh? Like seriously, there are so many people with "Imaginary Haters!" These are "haters" they make up in their mind to tell their peers about to make them look better. What you don't realize is, as an adult, most are on the same playing field. We are in a recession, it is hard to get a job. Yes, we all have the same experience, and all went to college, so what reason do we have to "hate" on each other, when in reality, we are in the same boat! I get so tired of hearing "You're a hater" Dude, broaden your vocabulary a little bit PLEASE! Read a dictionary and find an alternative word, or just stop making up things!
All in all, I am so tired of the words "hating" and "swag" and I am glad Bossip asked the question! So, who wants to join my campaign?
"Stop Swagging" "Imaginary Haters"
Both will focus on putting labels on what you do, and who you are, and not worrying about what others think of you! Do you, and always be true to yourself. Stop worrying about what the world thinks, what the world is doing? Define yourself. Maybe your name will be in the Urban Dictionary...

Signing Out,

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