Saturday, February 5, 2011

The CraigLewis Band: New Single "Real Life"

As you all know, I am  HUGE fan of The CraigLewis band! A few days ago, they posted on twitter that they would be releasing a new single entitle "Real Life." So, to say that I was excited is an understatement. I've been trying to get a song of theirs on my iPod for a MONTH!!
If you don't know who the CraigLewis band is, you are missing out! You can read my blog post on them here: The Craig Lewis Band. They are an amazing talent, and their new single "Real Life" proves just that! The song is about how in relationships you have to deal with real issues, real ups and downs, unlike those you see on TV. They reference such couples as Carol and Mike from the "Brady Bunch" and Lucy and Ricky from "I Love Lucy." This is the first single from their self entitled mixtape "The CraigLewis Band"
Have a listen:

I love the message in the song, because we all try to mimic relationships we see on tv, or read in a book. We figure that there shouldn't be arguements and fights, and we should just all get along. We all know that doesn't ring true when it comes to "Real Life." There are going to be arguements, disagreements, and we are going to get mad at each other. We shouldn't expect it to be "perfect." I think this song is something that a lot of singles and couples should listen to, just to let them know relationships are hard, and aren't going to be perfect.

There is also a free download of the song:

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P.S. I just want to say, they looked DAMN GOOD in those suits! (Sorry, have a thing for men in suits...)

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  1. don't apologize for having a thing for men in suits. More brothers need to rock them. In madea i wasn't even checking for jeffrey in those baggy jeans but when he put on that suit I was twisted. I'm in love with him now.

  2. First off, I want to thank you so much for reading and commenting. It is much appreciated. You are absolutely right, more brothers do need to rock them. I am very much into the suits and the preppy look. I like to see some nice jeans and a t-shirt worn just right, as well. Honestly, when I first watched the play, I didn't pay attention to either of their attire. The doctors with the suits on had my attention! LOL!